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Jun 23, 2020

Reluctantly you’ve recently come to the realization that you’re getting older.

Since you passed 40, your waist size hasn’t been what it used to and maybe you’ve chosen to stay away from your scale since the numbers just seem to creep up. Since you had kids, your exercise “routine” has been anywhere between haphazard and non-existent. Working out feels really hard these days and who has the time with all these work and family commitments? Also, weights and treadmills kinda suck anyway.

Your diet is a little out of control, which probably doesn’t help. You drink more often than you used to as well.

Maybe your doctor has started talking about your blood pressure or cholesterol levels and you might even be on medications. The amount of pills and supplements you pop every morning sure has exploded! And yet the number of places in your body that are now hurting most of the time slowly grows.

You don’t sleep as well as you used to. Sometimes you have trouble falling asleep and when you wake up, jumping out of bed is out of the question because you still feel tired, groggy, and your body is sore in the morning.

Speaking of pain: When you get injured, which seems to happen more easily these days, you take forever to heal. You used to just shake little injuries off, but no more.

In the last few years, you’ve slowly come to grips with the fact that - after all - maybe you’re not super-human and that your parents might have been right about this “getting old” thing. Ugh!

But that’s not all: Nowadays you look at your co-workers and they all seem so …. young! Well, if you do the math, it’s not a surprise because technically many of these kids could actually be …, well, your kids.

And now you’re basically competing with them, on some level. And that’s not always easy because not only are they smart, they appear to have more energy than you. Your mind seems to be less sharp and tires more easily these days. And staying up-to-date with what’s going on in the industry is kind of a pain.

Well, maybe you’ve also become a little bit complacent and tired of the rat race and never-ending change. You’ve started to think about retirement more often.

Even at home, you’ve had moments when it takes you just a beat longer to remember your neighbor’s first name, that TV show, or where you put the damn keys.

So yeah, things change after 40 and not necessarily for the better. But is all of this unavoidable? This is just the way it is and you now better get used to a slow but inevitable decline of body and mind?

No, it doesn’t have to be this way! I believe that body and mind are adaptable, even after 40, and can change and impact each other for the better.

I believe that with the right physical and mental practices and habits, your body and mind can empower you to….

  • Be healthier and counteract many of the effects of aging,
  • Be active, fit, and feel energized,
  • Maintain high physical and mental performance,
  • Feel good,
  • Stay sharp, productive, and competitive,
  • Achieve your goals,
  • Enjoy your life and thrive.

Based on my own experience, all of this is possible, without snake oil, mountains of supplements, having to turn into a gym rat, or eating like a monk. This is not about transforming you into an extreme athlete or starving oneself, but about doing reasonable things to feel good, be active, and mentally sharp.

Just to be clear: I’m no wonder healer who’s trying to tell you that aging doesn’t happen and that I can make it magically all go away. That would be nonsense and dishonest. I’m here to tell you about things I’ve done and experienced myself, practical stuff that works so that getting older is not getting the best of you.

I’m looking forward to sharing how to take positive steps to improve your body and your mind. So let’s go on this journey together, get healthy, and figure out this getting-older thing, shall we?


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