Hey there! I’m René.

I’ve been there. It started in my 30s. While I’ve always been athletic and engaged in sports, I started putting on some weight. Slowly, just every year a little more, despite working out 4 days a week. When my doctor asked me about it, I still didn’t get it.

When I was 42, I decided I had enough and reinvented my habits and routines. Within 15 months, I was able to lose 43 lbs and keep my weight stable ever since!


But this is only a small part of my story. I slowly realized that after 40, everything changes.

So I have spent the last 8+ years experimenting, learning, and evolving, building healthy habits for the body and the mind. Some things work great for me. Others don’t. Most recently, I have experimented with yoga, walking meditations, HIIT, virtual workouts, and mindfulness. Want to find out what’s working and what’s not? Subscribe to my blog and find out!

Getting older happens to all of us and whether we like it or not, it will affect our body and mind. If we end up being sick and frail at old age, life will not be fun, no matter how much money we have.

We have to start now setting us up for the right path and gain control of our health. We can’t rely on doctors and modern medicine to bail us out and get rid of stuff that hurts. While modern medicine has made a lot of progress, it seems that a lot of age-related issues become a matter of “get used to it” or “take an Ibuprofen”, but no real cures exist. We may end up on a lot of prescription medication just to “manage” chronic conditions. If we want to feel good, we have to take responsibility.

As I will explain more in future posts, our thoughts, attitudes, and mental habits also have a tangible impact on our body. Not only will they help us feel better, they will make us more productive at work and in life. There is lots of fascinating research on things like positive psychology, the growth mindset, impacts of deep practice, neuroplasticity, and motivation (to name just a few).

I’m excited to share my journey and learnings and help you achieve a healthy body and mind after 40!